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Bernard Ball
Born: 10 Apr 1796, Aschbach, Bas-Rhin, France
Died: Sept 1871, North Creek, Putnam Co., OH

Mary Magdalene Philips
Born: 24 Mar 1803, Aschbach, Bas-Rhin, France
Died: 1860-1867, OH

Emigrated to US aboard vessel Ceres on 23 July 1830 at Boston, MA. Accompanied by wife Magdalena and children Bernard, Ferdinand, Magdalena, & George. Buried in Sacred Heart Catholic Cememetery, New Bavaria, Henry Co., OH. Mary Magdalene is the daughter of Antoine Philipps and Maria Eva Roehrig.

Bernard Ball            
Married: Mary Magdalene Philips
Date: 24 Jan 1821
    Bernard Ball, Jr.  
Aschbach, Bas-Rhin, France
      Married: Margaret Jane Burns
Date: 31 Jan 1857
      Ferdinand Xavier Ball      
      Ferdinand Ball  
        Married: Emeline Graas
Date: 13 May 1851
      Madeleine Ball      
      George Ball  
        Married: Catherine Bates
Date: 4 Jan 1852
      Catherine Ball  
        Married: Augustus Charles Layman
      John Ball  
        Married: Roxana Chrysantia Dorn
Date: abt 1855
      Caroline Ball      
      Mathias Ball  
        Married: Mary Henrietta Watters
Date: 5 Dec 1861
      Mary Eve Ball  
        Married: Jacob Mohr
Date: Apr 1859
      Mary Ball  
      Elizabeth Ball  
        Married: Edward Dunn
Date: abt 1867