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Sue Ann Elliott Vandergriff and Carol Elliott Edmond pictured at the Henry County Historical Society, New Castle, Indiana, 13 Sept 2010.
This site is dedicated to the Elliott family and is a chronological record of the family and its members, their births and deaths, their marriages, and their heritage.

Special thanks and recognition for the Elliott family records displayed here go to Sue Ann Elliott Vandergriff, whose interest in genealogy and meticulous chronicling of her research have allowed for the building of these pages. Sue became interested in genealogy in 1979, long before records became readily accessible on the World Wide Web. In addition to the collection of historic family photographs, you will see biographical notes on the Elliotts written by her throughout this family record. Please see Sue's page for her introduction to the biographical notes. Also thank you, Jack Vandergriff, for being supportive of her efforts and for photography of Elliott graves and homes.

Carol Elliott Edmond has also been vital to the construction of the Elliott pages. Her contributions include many of the Elliott grave photos, GPS coordinates to cemeteries, and information on some of the Elliotts.

"My genealogy should have started in 1988. That was the year that Sue Vandergriff wrote a letter to our family in search of my father. Unfortunately, he had passed on some seven years previous to her letter. Fortunately, my mother gave the letter to me. In 2005, I responded to the letter and made contact with Sue. We have been searching for Elliott answers ever since.

"Genealogy has provided me with a sense of who I am, therefore, I have become more grounded as a person due to the knowledge gained from studying the ancestors. I have met many new cousins and reconnected with old ones which is a comfort in the aging process. Life in the modern world causes us to travel far away from our roots to maintain employment or in search of adventure. In that sense, our lives are repeat of our ancestors' history. They left the Old World for the New World, an unknown quantity. Our life is their life reconfigured. I have always loved a good mystery. And, family history research is the greatest mystery novel that ever existed!"

Additionally, thanks and recognition should go to Joseph Helinski. Joseph's genealogical research extends back to approximately 2003. In the time he has researched the Elliott lineage, he has accumulated a large body of information on the family, including wills, land deeds, census data, and other items of historical relevance. Joseph has also compiled the work of others to build a collective body of information on the family and has hired a professional research genealogist to try to solve some of the mysteries of the family's origins.

In Joseph's own words, "I have been doing genealogy for four years now, and have found out how hard it can be, but there are rewards as well in finding one's past ancestral heritage. Knowing your past is knowing who you are, and adds meaning to where you are going in life.

"I started on the Elliott genealogy first collecting pictures of my immediate family and grandparents. It became apparent that there should be more to find to add to the whole story of how past Elliotts arrived in America, and settled in this new land. The western U.S. was still open, uncharted, and statehood had not arrived in many places, and where did my Elliott ancestors fit in this great story? What part did they have in the Revolutionary War? These were questions that I intended to solve as I discovered more information on my lineage. Hopefully in time there will be an answer, because the Elliott line seems to be an early one in America, and how early they came may be discovered."

This family record is a living record and a work in progress. With your contributions of images and information, we can continue to build upon our shared knowledge of ourselves and family. Any submissions you wish to make will be welcomed and appreciated. Additionally, if you wish to post your email address for contact, please say so when you contact us. You may reach us with the Contact email link at the bottom of the page. Personal Web sites may also be linked to this site if appropriate.