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Arlen Lee Elliott

Arlen Lee Elliott
Arlen Lee Elliott

Lee and Julie Elliott, with son Michael, Dec 5, 1968, Augsburg, Germany

Lee and Julie, Michael and Shara

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Dr. Arlen Lee Elliott
Born: 16 Oct 1937, Chilicothe, MO
Died: 12 Apr 2010, Los Osos, CA

Dr. Lee Elliott passed away after a long illness on Monday, 12 April 2010 at his home in Los Osos, California. He was born 16 October 1937 in Chilicothe, Missouri. to Paul Elliott and Zelma (Zink) Elliott. Growing up in the Kansas City Missouri area and graduating from Shawnee Mission North, he earned his DVM degree in Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University having a great fondness for animals. He then transferred to the University of Kansas where he received his MD degree. He was specialized and had a practice as a board-certified Urologist in Camarillo, California. He served in the US Army from 1968 to 1971, attaining the rank of Major, and was stationed in Germany where his son and daughter were born. He was a private pilot since his youth and had owned several aircraft, including a classic Cessna 195, which he often flew across the US.

His favorite story of his service as a Doctor in the Army Medical Corps in Germany involved placing his DVM degree on the sick-call waiting room wall. The soldiers, always in “hurry-up and wait” mode would read the “Vet” degree and then, when finally in “Doc Elliott’s Office”, hesitatingly ask “Are you a Veterinarian?” His usual reply was, “Well, you know…the Army’s always short of medics so they enlisted Veterinarians because they were easier and cheaper to get”, in his usual droll manner with a straight face.

He married Nancy Radford in 1987 and is survived by his son, Michael, and daughter, Shara, step-sons Michael, Mark, and John Bocchicchio, nine grandchildren—all of California; and a sister, Sue Vandergriff of Carthage, Missouri and her two sons. He has also left behind many of us who cherished his trusted friendship in the air, by the sea, on the mountains, and in the operating room.

He was a weekend backwoodsman at his Lockwood Valley Seymour Canyon home before moving to Woodland Park Colorado, building a small ranch there, and finally returning to California. Nancy also became a private pilot and shared Lee’s love of flying and world traveling. He was especially fond of his Lockwood Valley home over which they would frequently fly.

A memorial service was held on April 17 in Los Osos, CA. -Obituary written by Sue Vandergriff and Dick Albright.

  Arlen Lee Elliott                
  Married: Dian Sosoya
Date: 1963
  Married: Julie Wooldridge
Date: 31 Dec 1966
Michael and Shara
    Michael Lee Elliott  
        Married: Michelle Parra
Date: 19 Aug 1995
      Shara Sue Elliott  
        Married: Robert Estus
  Married: Nancy Radford