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Sue Ann Elliott Vandergriff and Carol Elliott
Edmond pictured at the Henry County
Historical Society, New Castle, Indiana,
13 Sept 2010.

Carol Elliott Edmond has been vital to the construction of the Elliott pages. Her contributions include many of the Elliott grave photos, GPS coordinates to cemeteries, and information on some of the Elliotts.

"My genealogy should have started in 1988. That was the year that Sue Vandergriff wrote a letter to our family in search of my father. Unfortunately, he had passed on some seven years previous to her letter. Fortunately, my mother gave the letter to me. In 2005, I responded to the letter and made contact with Sue. We have been searching for Elliott answers ever since.

"Genealogy has provided me with a sense of who I am, therefore, I have become more grounded as a person due to the knowledge gained from studying the ancestors. I have met many new cousins and reconnected with old ones which is a comfort in the aging process. Life in the modern world causes us to travel far away from our roots to maintain employment or in search of adventure. In that sense, our lives are repeat of our ancestors' history. They left the Old World for the New World, an unknown quantity. Our life is their life reconfigured. I have always loved a good mystery. And, family history research is the greatest mystery novel that ever existed!"

  Carol Sue Elliott              
  Married: _ Berry
    Leila Sue Berry  
          Married: Edward Jay Pollock
Date: 20 Aug 1993
        Dawn Kay Berry  
          Married: Robert Joseph Gwin
  Married: James Edmond
Date: 7 Apr 1979