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Randolph County, NC
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Fall 2012

  Isaac Elliott
Born: 4 Mar 1773, Guilford County, NC
Died: between 1860 and 1870 in Randolph County, NC
Interred: unknown

Isaac Elliott married Anna Huff in Randolph County, NC. Family records indicate they were Quakers and were married in the Salem Quaker Church, but a search of churches did not locate one by this name in Randolph County, NC.

Isaac and Anna Elliott first appear on the 1800 Randolph County, NC census with two children under the age of 10. Family records have identified 14 children for this couple, although no information can be found for many of them. Therefore, they are not listed in exact order of birth.

Isaac served in the 5th Regiment (Atkinson's) NC Militia and was detached from Randolph County, First Regiment.

  Isaac Elliott            
  Married: Anna Huff
    Betsy Elliott      
  Salem Quaker Church
Randolph County, NC
        William Elliott      
        Daniel Elliott      
          Married: Dorcas Ander
Date: 14 Feb 1837
          Randolph County, NC
        Benjamin Elliott      
        Mary Elliott      
        Rebecca Elliott      
          Married: Zaza Merrell
Date: 31 Dec 1816
          Randolph County, NC
        Leah Elliott      
        Rachel Elliott      
        Alfred Elliott      
          Married: Nancy Elliott
Date: 6 June 1820
        Jesse Elliott      
          Married: Nancy Laswell
Date: ca 1857
          Henderson County, IL
        Jacob Elliott      
          Married: Aletha Ann Shively
          Married: Rachel Woodward
        Married: Julia Ann Peed
Date: Fall 1839
        John H. Elliott  
          Married: Caroline Millikan
Date: 5 Jan 1833
          Randolph County, NC
        Nancy Elliott      
        Alexander Thomas Elliott      
          Married: Joanna Pickett
Conway, SC