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Pearl Kearns ThrasherMay 21, 1951, 40 years young, Clint took this when home on vacation from D.C.
Albert and Pearl Thrasher50th Wedding Anniversary
30 Nov 1979
Albert Thrasher50th Wedding Anniversary
30 Nov 1979
Albert ThrasherPearl 1984

Pearl Kearns Thrasher

Albert Lenard Thrasher, Pearl Kearns ThrasherWedding day, 30 Nov 1929

Albert Lenard Thrasher, Alvin Gene Thrasher, Carol Alice Thrasher, 
                  Betty Marie Thrasher, Pearl ThrasherAlbert, Alvin, Carol, Betty, and Pearl

Albert Lenard Thrasher, Pearl ThrasherAlbert and Pearl

Albert Lenard Thrasher
Born: 26 Apr 1906, in or near Joplin, MO
Died: 26 Oct 1992, California

  Pearl Alberta Kearns
Died: 1992

Pearl Alberta Kearns            
Married: Albert Lenard Thrasher
    Alvin Gene Thrasher  

Betty, Alvin, and Carol, taken at Perla's graduation from NMMI.
    Betty Marie Thrasher  
      Married: Leslie G. Washington
    Carol Alice Thrasher  
      Married: Paul Russell Storey
Date: 8 Nov 1970