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Clinton, 1 year old
Joseph Clinton Lundy

Clinton on left, with Esther (background), Earl, and Oscar Flint

Oscar Flint, Clinton Lundy, Earl, and Esther Flint
Joseph Clinton Lundy
Joseph Clinton Lundy, Margaret JenningsMarriage License
1st marriage to
Margaret Jennings
Joseph Clinton Lundy, Rema Madeline LewisMarriage License
2nd marriage to
Rema Madeline Lewis

March 1945, Germany

April 1945, Germany

Separation from Army
12 May 1946
Notice of separation lists place of employment and lists Joseph as married with one dependent.
Joseph Clinton Lundy honorable discharge
Honorable Discharge
12 May 1946

Joseph Clinton Lundy

Joseph Clinton Lundy death notice
Death notice
Joseph Clinton Lundy funeral program
Funeral program
oseph Clinton Lundy death certificate
Joseph Clinton Lundy
Death Certificate

4 months old

Joseph Clinton Lundy
Born: 5 Jan 1914, Vinita, OK
Died: 21 Sept 1977, Liberal, KS
Interred: Park Cemetery, Carthage, MO

April 1945, somewhere in Germany

Zelma Zelia Zink Elliott Lundy
Born: 22 Sept 1917, St. Clair, MO
Died: 7 May 2002, Carthage, MO
Interred: Park Cemetery, Carthage, MO

Lee, Zelma, Clint, Sue, Jack, and Dean, 1965
Clint was first married quite young, like right out of school, divorced, then married Madeline Lewis (Mercer?) of Fort Worth. When Clint married Madeline, she had a daughter named Joan or Joanne. Madelaineís family was big in the trucking business in Fort Worth. Clint may have been driving for them. In the 50s, they moved to Miami and Clint helped in the funeral business at Lundy-Morton Funeral Home, but Madeline didnít care for Miami and eventually returned to Texas. They separated, but Clint didn't divorce her until 1958 after meeting Zelma.

Zelma met him in 1954 or so, or at least brought him home that year. She'd been widowed in 1952 and Lee and I were told that her step father wasn't good to her and she'd never remarry without our permission. What power she gave us!! I remember standing behind her and peeking out at his guy and him smiling at me that night.

They got pretty serious pretty quickly and though he hadn't lived with his wife since 1945 he hadn't bothered with a divorce either. As their relationship deepened, the new factory owners that had built Smith and Loveless beside our service station told Mom if she knew a truck driver with his own truck they could keep him busy. Mom co-signed for a loan for Daddy to get his first truck then worried about what she'd done. She was an astute businesswoman and second guessed herself about cosigning for this man. The next year Smith and Loveless told him if he'd buy another truck and hire a driver they had the work. When he sold out in 1970 to buy into Best Western motels with his brothers Lloyd and Bob, he had 10 trucks.

Clint was a Mason, then a Shriner in the Abdullah motor patrol. He was unfailingly kind and generous and just a wonderful person, as were all the Lundys. I remember meeting his Mother May Herrod Lundy just before her husband died and from that time forward was treated like one of her grandchildren. When I married she lived in Vinita and we lived in Neosho and Jack and I would go over sometimes on his day off to see her but seldom caught her at home. She came to spend a night or two with us while I was pregnant with Dean and taught me to make gravy and was thrilled to do it.

Daddy put Lee through years of college, raised me as his own and loved our children. He was almost afraid of the tiny babies, but once they could smile and play, talk and walk, he was theirs. He was one of the best men I ever knew and in all the years I had him, I only saw him mad once - he spilled an entire gallon of paint and I laughed.....he suggested to Mom who was also laughing that we should leave.

  Joseph Clinton Lundy            
  Married: Zelma Zelia Zink Elliott
Date: 7 Aug 1958, Miami, OK
    Arlen Lee Elliott (adopted)      
Joseph Clinton Lundy, late 1950s or
early 1960s
      Married: Dian Sosoya
Date: 1963
        Married: Julie Wooldridge
Date: 31 Dec 1966
        Married: Nancy Radford
      Sue Ann Elliott (adopted)  
        Married: Jack DeWayne Vandergriff
Date: 23 Nov 1963
2nd Battalion, 304th Infantry2nd Battalion, 304th Infantry Joseph Clinton Lundy
Maybe Germany
Joseph Clinton Lundy
Germany, Victory Day, 9 May 1945, Germany surrendered

Clint Lundy in "Baby", first car he bought for Sue, circa 1961-1963
Clint Lundy
Spring 1969, Transmission Topics Magazine
Clint Lundy
Spring 1969, Transmission Topics Magazine

 Clint and Zelma, 1972

 Clint Lundy with Shriners, Liberal, KS

 Clint and Zelma