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May Herod Lundy

Draft Registration
12 Sept 1917

1930 Census
Tulsa, OK

Mr. and Mrs. Spinden, and May and Will Lundy (on right), taken in front of the Spinden home, Vinita, OK.
Cephas Thomas Herod death certificate
Cephas Thomas Herod
death certificate

Grave of Cephas Herod
Stone placed by Spinden Family

May, Nora, and Alice Herod sisters, 1912

Martha Jane Eaves and grandparents?

Will Lundy and May Herod, wedding picture, 1908

Cephas Herod and Martha Jane Eaves                Seattle Times

William Edward Lundy
William Edward Lundy
Born: 22 Feb 1881
Died: 9 Aug 1956
Interred: Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK

Lundy and Herod pictures on this page
were provided by Debbie Spinden.  
and Ida Lundy.

May Lundy
Mary Matilda "May" Herod
Born: 8 Apr 1885, Salem, MO
Died: 4 July 1966, Vinita, OK
Interred: Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK

Mary is daughter of:

Cephas Thomas Herod
Born: 5 Mar 1853, Dent, MO
Died: 3 May 1926, Seattle, WA

Martha Jane Eaves
Born: 19 Apr 1858, Lennox, MO;
Died: 22 Aug 1919, Craig, CO
Married: 6 June 1876, Missouri

On the left are May and Will Lundy. The boy on the running board is Clint. On the far right is “Mother Lundy”, Will’s mother, Nancy. The boy to Nancy's right may be Lloyd.

Will Lundy lived in Tulsa during the Great Depression, and during this time, was either injured or laid off of work. In addition, the Union was so strong in Tulsa; when work was sparse, the guys who got to work were the ones who drank and partied with the bosses. Will didn’t do those things, so work jobs weren’t available for him. Clint quit high school and bicycled and found some kind of work to help feed the family. Lloyd recalled that during those times their Christmas gifts were maybe tiny toy cars... one per small child.

Eventually, Will heard that some work could be found in Vinita. He hitched a ride on a freight train to make the trip. His brother, Joe lived there and was probably farming at that time. At any rate, Will found work and moved the family to Vinita. Will was a master carpenter and built a house there on South Miller. This is where Lloyd was born. He later built a house for Lloyd and wife, Ida also.

In Vinita, Will did a lot of work for the local Methodist Church that the family attended...all free labor. Then when the church had a major project going, they did not include him when it would pay wages! In his quiet way he just said, “Well, I won’t go to church again. Let the ones who need it go.” And he never did. He took Mrs. Lundy, but did not set foot in that church again, unless his funeral was held there.

  William Edward Lundy            
  Married: Mary Matilda "May" Herod
Date: 23 Sept 1908
    Thomas Edward Lundy      
Bob, Clint, and Lloyd, pictured with
May Lundy.
      Joseph Clinton Lundy  
        Married: Zelma Zelia Zink Elliott
Date: 7 Aug 1958, Miami, OK
      Lloyd P. Lundy  
        Married: Ida Mae Simms
Date: 25 Dec 1947, Vinita, OK
      Robert Earl Lundy  
        Married: Bernice Hazel Hicks
Date: 16 Apr 1953, Vinita, OK