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Wisdom S. Lundy grave
Pleasant Hill, TN

Left to right: Clinton, Bess, Will, and Joseph Lundy, probably taken near when the family moved from Pleasant Hill, TN to Indian Territory near Tulsa, OK. Wisdom had died…not sure if natural causes or if he was killed. Some of the relatives had moved to Indian Territory and the mother, Nancy Jane, decided to join them.

Clint on left, Bess and Joseph in middle, and Will on right

Grandfather and Grandmother Little, parents of Nancy Jane Little

Wisdom S. Lundy
Born: 1 Jan 1852
Died: 8 May 1893, Pleasant Hill, TN

Nancy Jane Little
Born: 8 May 1860
Died: 20 Mar 1931
Interred: Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK

  Wisdom S. Lundy            
  Married: Nancy Jane Little
    William Edward Lundy  
        Married: Mary Matilda "May" Herod
Date: 23 Sept 1908
        James Clinton Lundy      
        Joseph Lundy      
        Bess Lundy