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This site is dedicated to the Lyster family and is a chronological record of the family and its members, their births and deaths, their marriages, and their heritage.

Special thanks and recognition go to Ada Lyster Vandergriff. Her dedication to the preservation of the family bonds that tie us collectively into one unit has allowed us to reconstruct the Lyster family lineage as recorded here. Ada originated, and has since hosted many of the Annual Lyster Family Reunions. This annual reunion and the gathering of family has facilitated the collection of family and sharing of the family information. The first reunion was hosted by Ada on 14 June 1986.

Annette Kerns Lyster is also deserving of special thanks and recognition for all of her contributions that have made possible the building and recording of almost all of the family records descending from James Utley Lyster. Without her input, a very large portion of the family tree would still be unknown to us.

Additionally, special thanks to Dean Vandergriff who has compiled this information so that it may stand as a lasting history of the ancestry and descention of the Lyster family. Dean reached out to family members and created the family tree and database from the information gathered. The Lyster family tree is the first family tree he built and was the inspiration for the creation of the Family Record Web site.

This family record is a living record and a work in progress. With your contributions of images and information, we can continue to build upon our shared knowledge of ourselves and family. Any submissions you wish to make will be welcomed and appreciated. Additionally, if you wish to post your email address for contact, please say so when you contact us. You may reach us with the "Contact" email link at the bottom of the page. Personal Web sites may also be linked to this site if appropriate.