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Ada 7, Clint 3 1/2

Ada, Clint, and Leo

Ada at 10

Sweet 16

The Joplin Globe
26 May, 2016

Ada and James, Ron, Jim, and Jack

James Peter Vandergriff, Jr.
Born: 16 Sept 1919
Died: 14 Nov 2004, Joplin, MO
Interred: IOOF Cemetery, Neosho, MO

 Ada with Jim, Jack, and Ron, Spring 1963

James and Ada Vandergriff
 James and Ada on their 50th wedding
 anniversary, 11 Apr 1991

 Photo by Adam Vandergriff
Photo albums from Ada Vandergriff of Jack, Jim, and Ron Vandergriff, 1942-1964+

  Ada Lee Lyster            
  Married: James Peter Vandergriff, Jr.
Date: 11 Apr 1941
    Jack DeWayne Vandergriff  
          Married: Sue Ann Elliott
Date: 23 Nov 1963
Kings River, 1975

Sept 4, 2007, Ada with Sue
      James Robert Vandergriff      
        Married: Gisele Elizabeth Juanita
        Date: 11 Oct 1967
      Ronald Lee Vandergriff  
        Married: Cynthia Jean Steffan
Date: 12 Feb 1974
        Divorced: 9 July 1985