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Brother Bill with Artie

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Headstone of Artie and Raymond Huffman
Belfast Cemetery
Newton County, MO

Memorial for Artie
Belfast Cemetery
Newton County, MO

Ray and Artie Huffman

Artie Mae Lyster
Born: 9 May 1906, Neosho, MO
Died: 11 Apr 1985, Joplin, MO
Interred: Belfast Cemetery

Raymond Lindley Huffman
Born: 4 June 1898
Died: Feb 1955
Interred: Belfast Cemetery

Five generations
Five generations: Mary Bouling, Tennie, Artie, Veta,
and Doris Ann

The picture was taken on the front porch of Kenneth King’s Mom’s house on High Street in Neosho in the early 1950s. Marge is sitting on the front edge of the porch holding her daughter Linda. Doyle’s wife Willadean is behind Marge in the back left corner. To the right of Willadean is Kenneth’s sister Flossie, Marge’s sister Janie (in white) holding her first daughter Karen, Flossie’s son Brad, Kenneth’s Mother, his brother Todd (in doorway), and Kenneth (kneeling) holding Flossie’s youngest son. On the right, Artie is seated with her granddaughter Judy (Doyle’s daughter) on her lap, and daughters Mary and Sherry to the right.

  Artie Mae Lyster            
  Married: Raymond Lindley Huffman
Date: 11 Mar 1922
    Veta Mae Huffman  
          Married: John Howard Hutchens
Date: 17 Oct 1939
Janie, Mary, Marge, Artie,
and Veta (sitting)
        Married: Jim Chambers
      Doyle Raymond Huffman  
        Married: Willadean Barnett
Date: 7 May 1949
      Ila Jane Huffman  
Marge, Veta, Mary, and Janie (sitting)
      Married: Kenneth King
      Dorothy Marie Huffman  
        Married: Kenneth Bruce Vandergriff
Date: 14 June 1946, Wheaton, MO
      Marjorie Lenora Huffman  
        Married: Virgil Martin
Date: 4 Dec 1949
          Married: Lonnie Watt Patton
Artie and Bob Blankenship, Dec 1982
        Married: Glen Crumbliss
Date: 2 July 1967
      Mary June Huffman  
        Married: John Hoover
Date: 2 Aug 1958
      Sherry Lynn Huffman  
        Married: Vernon Hignite
  Married: Robert Blankenship
Date: Dec 1973