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Shared headstone of Cornelius and Elizabeth Utley Lyster

Cornelius Lyster
Born: 5 June 1789
Died: 29 Sept 1876, Johnson, County, IN

Elizabeth Utley
Born: 9 Oct 1797
Died: 20 Apr 1891, Johnson County, IN

The family moved to Johnson County, IN in 1830. In 1911, two daughters and one son still resided there. Both Cornelius and Elizabeth are interred at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Franklin Township, Johnson County, IN along with several of their children.

  Cornelius Lyster            
  Married: Elizabeth Utley
Date: 4 May 1813, Mercer County, KY
    Nancy Lyster      
          Married: George Garshwiler
        Josiah Utley Lyster  
          Married: Jane Wallace
Date: 2 Apr 1840
        Cornelius Lyster      
        Mary A. Lyster      
        John P. Lyster      
          Married: Mary D. _