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Dovie Laverne Lyster
Judy, at 20 months
Louise, 10 years old

Funeral Program

Paul and Dovie Moss
Headstone at Ozark Memorial Park Cemetery, Joplin, MO

Laverne Lyster, 1944

Paul Moss and Dovie on the Southwest City state marker

Paul, Dovie, and Louise

Paul (68) and Dovie (63) Moss, 1981

 Dovie Laverne Lyster
 Born: 19 July 1918
 Died: 22 Aug 1985, Joplin, MO
 Interred: Ozark Memorial Park Cemetery, Joplin, MO
 Dovie moved to Joplin in 1942.

 Paul Moss
 Born: 6 Oct 1913

  Dovie Laverne Lyster            
  Married: Paul Moss
Date: 25 Feb 1936
    Margaret Louise Moss  
          Married: William Eugene Mosely
Date: 2 May 1953
Paul and Laverne Moss, Dec 1982
      Judy Marie Moss  
        Married: Calvin Oren Robertson
Date: 21 Apr 1967