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Leon and Beulah Lyster
Leon and Beulah Lyster headstone
Floyd Leon Lyster      
Floyd Leon Lyster
Born: 8 Jan 1912
Died: 12 Dec 1989

Beula Eva Kerr
Beulah Eva Kerr
Born: 26 Sept 1915,
Golden City, MO
Died: 8 Mar 1998,
Joplin, MO

Both interred at Ozark Memorial Park Cemetery, Joplin, MO.
 Leon, Beulah, and family on their 50th wedding anniversary, left to right: Gene and Dovie Carpenter, Claudia and
 Larry Lyster, Linda and Dale DeCocq, Margaret and Kenneth Lyster, and Beulah and Leon Lyster

Leon worked at Kesling Dairy delivering bottled milk, was a custodian at the Frisco building, and did some mining also.

  Floyd Leon Lyster            
  Married: Beulah Eva Kerr
Date: 10 Sept 1932
    Dovie Mae Lyster  
          Married: Eugene Carpenter
Date: 3 Nov 1951
Louise Moss and Ken and Larry Lyster
      Kenneth Leon Lyster  
        Married: Margaret Ann Foley
Date: 22 Feb 1954
      Larry Junior Lyster  
        Married: Claudia S. Daniels
Date: 16 June 1961
        Linda Denise Lyster  
          Married: Michael O. DeCocq
Date: 7 Apr 1973