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Three generations: Annette and Herman, their children, Rich and Pat, and Pat's children, David and Debbie, July 1967 family reunion

John Herman Edwin Lyster
Born: 9 Jan 1918, Neosho, MO
Died: 21 May 1980, Lake Isabella, California

Pat Lyster Rush and her Mother, Annette Kerns Lyster, at the
2008 Lyster Family Reunion

  John Herman Edwin Lyster            
  Married: Annette Kerns
Date: 30 Sept 1938
    John Richard Lyster  
          Married: Lori Hemig
Date: 11 Oct 1963
          Married: Margaret Pringle
Date: 1 July 1969
        Patricia Anne Lyster  
          Married: Richard Wayne Rush
Date: 30 Sept 1961