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Maude Lenora Lyster
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Maude Lenora Lyster

Lenora and Ada, October 2006

 Maude Lenora Lyster
 Born: 13 Dec 1915, Newton County, MO
 Died: 10 Jan 2007, Neosho, MO
 Interred: Southwest City Cemetery

 Lenora played piano and also the harmonica
 which she played until she died at 91.
 She owned and operated the Ozark Café in SouthWwest City for years.

 Faye Monroe Moss
 Born: 27 Jan 1911

 Arthur "Chief" Culver
 Born: 26 Oct 1911, Delaware County, Oklahoma
 Died: 28 Aug 1998, Grove, Oklahoma
 Interred: Bluejacket Cemetery

  Maude Lenora Lyster            
  Married: Faye Monroe Moss
Date: 6 May 1934
    Marion Faye Moss  
          Married: Burney Jean Cooper
Date: 20 Nov 1954
        Clyde Leon Moss  
          Married: Joann Cooper
        Melvin Ledell Moss  
          Married: Fyra _
        Edward Lee Moss  
Chief and Lenora
      Married: Robin _
        Married: Peggy _
        Married: Kathy _
        Married: Paula _
        Married: Judy Lyster
  Married: Arthur "Chief" Culver
Date: 14 Dec 1968, Miami, OK