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WWI Draft registration

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Mont and Tennie, 1945

315 Joplin St., Galena315 Joplin Street, Galena, KS, where family lived during WWII

Mont's last driver's license, vehicle registration, and fishing license
June 2014 picture of 1011 S. Main, Galena, KS

Mont's Obituaries
Milton Montgomery Lyster
Mont's death certificate
Ozark Memorial Cemetary
Mont's headstone

Tennie's Funeral Program

Tennie's Obituaries

Ozark Memorial Cemetary
Tennie's headstone
Wedding Picture, 16 July 1905
Milton Montgomer Lyster    Tennessee Mae Lewis
Born: 28 May 1884,           Born: 12 Nov 1887,
Newton County, MO           Cass County, MO
Died: 12 May 1953,           Died: 6 June 1968,
Joplin, MO                        Neosho, MO

Milton and Tennie are interred at Ozark Memorial Cemetery, Joplin, MO.

Tennessee Mae Lewis is the daughter of William John Lewis and Mary Ann Ball Lewis Bouling (linked picture holding Vernon Bouling). Mary Ann Ball was born in 1858 to John Ball and Chrissie Durham (Born: 1835).

The 1900 United States Federal Census for McMillen, McDonald County, Missouri, lists Tennessee M Lewis, age 12, white, estimated birth year abt 1888, stepdaughter of Jefferson M Bouling, Age 42. Also living in household are her mother, Mary A Bouling, 42, Thomas P Lewis, 18, Robert L Lewis, 17, Clarence F Lewis, 16, James M Bouling, 5, Charley E Bouling, 3, and Cresence e Bouling, 2.

 October 7, 1934
 Left to right: Tennie, Mont, Ada, Lenora, Laverne,
 Artie, Leo, Odas, Clint, Virgil, Leon, and Bill

 Mont and Tennie, December 1951
  Milton Montgomery (Mont) Lyster            
  Married: Tennessee Mae Lewis
Date: 16 Jul 1905
    Artie Mae Lyster  

Ada, Clint, Odas, Virgil, Lenora,
Laverne, and Faye on porch

Virgil, Clint, Odas, Bill, and Leon

Tennie Lyster and Frances Vandergriff, 1941

July 29, 1943

Grandkids: Standing - Marj Huffman, Betty Lyster, Louise Moss, Jimmy Gardner, and Morris Lyster; Sitting - Mary June Huffman and Jack Vandergriff
      Married: Raymond Linley Huffman
Date: 11 Mar 1922
      William Everett Lyster  
        Married: Ruth Opal Beach
Date: 27 Aug 1929
        Married: Amy Stoddard
Date: 13 Mar 1953
      Virgil Howard Lyster  
        Married: Marjorie Cleo Moss
Date: 23 Dec 1934
        Married: Dixie Lamb
Date: 9 Sept 1943
      Floyd Leon Lyster  
        Married: Beulah Eva Kerr
Date: 10 Sept 1932
      Odas Emmett Lyster  
        Married: Jessie Church
19 Feb 1932
        Married: Ruth Mae Gardner
      Maude Lenora Lyster  
        Married: Faye Monroe Moss
Date: 6 May 1934
        Married: Arthur "Chief" Culver
Date: 14 Dec 1968
      Dovie Laverne Lyster  
        Married: Paul Moss
25 Feb 1936
      Leo Montie Lyster      
      Ada Lee Lyster  
        Married: James Peter Vandergriff, Jr.
Date: 11 Apr 1941
      Doyle Clinton Lyster  
        Married: Rayma Lamb
Date: 2 Feb 1946
        Married: Judy Geller