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 Odas Emmett Lyster

 Odas Emmett Lyster
 Born: 11 Nov 1913, Newton Co., MO
 Died: 13 Oct 1978, Kingman, AZ
 Interred: Ozark Memorial Park
 Cemetery, Joplin, MO

 Ruth Mae Gardner
 Born: 27 May 1919
 Died: 16 Oct 1989

 Odas and Ruth Lyster

Odas worked in mining, had the cab company with Virgil, sold used cars, and went to Arizona where he sold used cars and
new campers. Odas also played guitar.

  Odas Emmett Lyster            
  Married: Jessie Church
Date: 19 Feb 1932
    Betty Louise Lyster  
Odas's step-son, Jimmy Gardner,
and his son, Morris
      Married: Earl (Kink) Gandy
        Married: _ Faulkner
        Married: John Shindler
Date: 26 Oct 1969
      Morris Clinton Lyster  
        Married: Janie _
  Married: Ruth Mae Gardner