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 Emily Claire Vandergriff
 Born: 17 Jan 1995, Joplin, MO
 Died: 5 Jan 2006, Carthage, MO
 Interred: Park Cemetery, Carthage, MO

 Nana and Emi  
  Emily Claire Vandergriff                

    Miss Emily

    Without your world without strangers, and children’s dreams
    Life will never be the same, it seems

    Lellow bees and little girl’s things
    You traded in for angel’s wings

    You touched our lives so many ways
    and brightened even our darkest days

    You blessed us all in days too few
    in more ways than you ever knew

    Emily has spread her wings
    and left behind her earthly things

    Some days, you just can’t win
    no matter how good you’ve been
    So many challenges for one so small
    Many too many to overcome them all

    You’re in heaven now, we shouldn’t fuss
    We know you’re smiling down on us
    But we’d rather be smiling down on you
    then you’d be smiling with us, too

    Our angel has spread her wings
    and given away her earthly things

    There’ll always be a special place for you
    in our hearts and heaven, too
    The Lord, he has such mysterious ways
    We couldn’t have even a few more days
    But since it is we can’t have you
    Heaven will just have to do

    We know you had to fly away
    but we’ll miss you, Emily, every day

    —Chad Vandergriff