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Samuel Henry Needham
Born: 10 Feb 1850, Tennessee
Died: 1925

Cordelia R. Hunter, age 5, c1865
Born: 11 Mar 1860, Tennessee
Died: 16 Mar 1904
Daughter of Will Rogers and Betsy Hunter

This is a memorial picture for Cordelia Hunter Needham who died 16 Mar 1904. The original image was photographed and retouched by Bruce Lauderdale.

  Samuel Henry Needham            
  Married: Cordelia R. Hunter
    John J. Needham      
        George R. Needham      
        Minnie E. Needham      
        Mamie Frances Needham      
          Married: Harvey Wyrick
Date: 30 Sept 1908
          Married: James Peter Vandergriff, Sr.
Date: 12 Dec 1909
        Edgar E. Needham      
        Martha C. Needham      
        Miles Needham      
        Loamy Needham