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Residence 1973-2001
810 Olive St.
Carthage, MO

Funeral Program

Park Cemetery, Carthage, MO

Jack and Skipper, 1945

Jack DeWayne Vandergriff
Born: 8 June 1942, Neosho, MO
Died 6 Jan 2004, Carthage, MO
Interred: Park Cemetery, Carthage, MO

Sorority dance, c1973

8 Sept 2001, dressed for Chad and Heather's wedding

  Jack DeWayne Vandergriff            
  Married: Sue Ann Elliott  
Date: 23 Nov 1963
    Dean Joseph Vandergriff  
          Married: Barbara Dianne Orler

Adam, Jack, and Chad - Three handsome bald men, Thanksgiving
      Date: 13 Aug 1988
      James Chad Vandergriff (twin)  
        Married: Heather Ann Storey Little
Date: 8 Sept 2001
      Adam Lee Vandergriff (twin)  
        Married: Laurie R. Atteberry
Date: 1 June 1991
        Divorced: 14 Jan 1998