Directory Tree

Paul Otto Simms
Born: 28 Aug 1897
Died: 22 Aug 1955

 Armeda Ethel Hall
 Born: 10 Oct 1894
 Died: 12 March 1933

Paul Otto Simms            
Married: Armeda Ethel Hall
    Pauline Simms      

Family photo, maybe 1950s, left to
right: Bud (Jim), Ida, Tom, Paul,
Charles, and Pauline

Charles, Pauline, Tom, Ida, and Bud
    James Robert Simms      
    Charles Hall Simms      
    Ida Mae Simms  
      Married: Lloyd P. Lundy
Date: 25 Dec 1947
    Thomas Franklin Simms  
      Married: Bonnie Marie Hubbell