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Summer 1975

Cabin at Cyclone, 1979, Heidi in foreground

Hawaii 1979

Dean at cabin at Cyclone, MO

Residence 1973-2001
810 Olive St.
Carthage, MO
Bee's Old Fashioned Variety
Bee's Old Fashioned Variety new owners announcement

Bee's Old Fashioned Variety Store on the square in Carthage 1994-2004

Residence 2001-2012
6749 County Road 105
Carthage, MO
Memorial program for Jack Vandergriff


Park Cemetery, Carthage, MO
Sue Ann Elliott
Memorial program for Sue Vandergriff
Sue Ann Elliott
Funeral Program
and Obituary

Jack and Skipper, 1945

Jack DeWayne Vandergriff
Born: 8 June 1942, Neosho, MO
Died 6 Jan 2004, Carthage, MO
Interred: Park Cemetery, Carthage, MO

November 1962

Wedding 23 Nov 1963

Sorority dance, c1973

8 Sept 2001, dressed for Chad and Heather's wedding

  Jack DeWayne Vandergriff            
  Married: Sue Ann Elliott  
Date: 23 Nov 1963
    Dean Joseph Vandergriff  

      Married: Barbara Dianne Orler
        Date: 13 Aug 1988
      James Chad Vandergriff (twin)  
        Married: Heather Ann Storey Little
Date: 8 Sept 2001
      Adam Lee Vandergriff (twin)      
        Married: Laurie R. Atteberry
Date: 1 June 1991
        Divorced: 14 Jan 1998
  July 1963
August 1967
 St. Augustine, FL, February 1991
 Adam, Jack, and Chad - Three handsome bald men,
 Thanksgiving 2002