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Jacob Vandergriff
Born: 1763, Johnson County, NC
Died: 13 July 1848, Mount Sterling, Gasconade County, MO
Revolutionary War claim R.1089 - enlisted in Virginia Militia, Henry Co, VA on 31 May 1780;
By 1833, resident Grainger Co, TN - by 1844 in MO

Jane _
Born: 1767
Died: 1852, Gasconade County, MO

Revolutionary War claim R.1089 - Jacob served in the military on 31 May 1780 in Henry County, VA. He first enlisted in the Virginia Militia at Henry County, Virginia on 31 May 1780, and served three months in Captain Harman Critz/Krits' Virginia Company. They marched against the Tories and pursued them as far as the Yadkin River. He again enlisted about Christmas of the following winter, and served three months as a private in Captain Levi Jarvis' Virginia Company. During this last tour of duty, he acted as guard for five hundred British prisoners.

  Jacob Vandergriff            
  Married: Jane _
Date: 1787, Wilkes County, NC
    Jacob Vandergriff  
          Married: Winney Brock
Date: 4 May 1816, Grainger Co., TN
        Gilbert Vandergriff  
          Married: Dicey Brock
Date: 19 Oct 1811, Grainger Co., TN
        Sarah "Sally" Vandergriff      
          Married: Thomas Morris
Date: 20 Oct 1809
        Nancy Vandergriff  
          Married: Obediah Brock
Date: 1 June 1815, Grainger Co., TN
        William Vandergriff  
          Married: Louisa _
        John Vandergriff  
          Married: Permelia Williams
        Rebecca Vandergriff      
          Married: Stephen Atkins
Date: 6 Jan 1835
        David Vandergriff      
          Married: Katherine _