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Four generations: James, Sr., James, Jr., Jack, and Dean
Sept 1967
Jim and Francis VandergriffJim and Frances
Daughter Helen and Frances on her 92nd birthday, 28 June 1983

James' Obituary

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Frances' Obituaries

Headstone, IOOF Cemetery, Neosho, MO, Ronald Lee Vandergriff in background

 James Peter Vandergriff, Sr., age 34,

 Born: 8 Jan 1881, Union Co., TN
 Died: 7 Aug 1969, Tulsa, OK

James and Frances moved to Neosho in 1928. James was a retired rail road employee. They are both interred at the IOOF Cemetery, Neosho, MO.
 Mamie Frances Needham
 Born: 28 June 1891, Union Co., TN
 Died: 3 Feb 1987, Placerville, CA

Frances is the daughter of Samuel Henry Needham (Born: 10 Feb 1850; Died: 1925, son of Miles Needham and Elisa Frost (Married: 1 Mar 1849)) and Cordelia Hunter Needham (Born: 11 Mar 1860, Died: 16 Mar 1904, daughter of Will Rogers and Betsy Hunter).

Frances liked pink and her favorite flowers were hyacinths.

 James and Frances, 1969

  James Peter Vandergriff, Sr.            
  Married: Mamie Frances Needham
Date: 12 Dec 1909, Knoxville, TN
    Paul Devine Vandergriff  
          Married: Cassie _
James Sr., June 1965

Vandergriffs, left to right: Sue, Chad, Dean, Frances, Gisele, Adam, Ada,
and James.

Bernice, Ernest, Helen, and Frances
      Jesse Eugene Vandergriff  
      Robert M. Vandergriff  
        Married: Bonnie _
      James Peter Vandergriff, Jr.  
        Married: Ada Lee Lyster
Date: 11 Apr 1941
      Bernice Vandergriff  
        Married: Laverne Wendling
      Kenneth Bruce Vandergriff  
        Married: Dorothy Marie Huffman
Date: 14 June 1946, Wheaton, MO
      Helen Vandergriff  
        Married: Kendall Hill
      Ernest Vandergriff  
          Married: Elizabeth "Bette" Anne _
Date: 24 Aug 1985