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Jacob Leendertsz Vandergrift
Baptized: 23 Oct 1622, Amsterdam, Holland

Rebecca Fredrickse Lubbertsen
Born: abt 1628, New Amsterdam

Jacob Leendertsz Vandergrift (Jacob Lendertsen Van Der Grist) was also in the employ and service of the West India Company of Holland as Captain of the ship, Swel, lying between Curecea and the New Netherlands. It carried 22 guns and 76 men, and in 1644 it was directed to New Amsterdam and on arriving, it was sold due to its age. Jacob then, in 1644, remained in New Amsterdam and became a bottler.

Rebecca is the daughter of Fredrick Lubbertz and Styntje Jansd. Having married well, Jacob prospered in more than one way. On 7 Mar 1652, he was commissioned by the Burgermaster as measure of the Grain & Co., and in 1656 he was made a "Small Burger" of New Amsterdam. In 1662, he was a resident of Bergen, New Jersey. On May 29, 1662 he moved to Breakelyn, Long Island, and in 1665 he moved onto the Strand of North River (The Hudson), where he was asked to account of the expense of quartering 100 English soldiers on the Dutch Burgers. On October 9, 1667, he received a patent from Governor Nicholis for the land on the island of Manhatten, on the North side of the Great Creek (Harlem River), which in 1668 he sold to Isaac Bedloe. He then moved to Noordwyck on the North River. When and where he purchased this land from his brother Paulus. Between this date and 1686, he again moved to Newton or Newtown, Long Island, and continued to live there with his wife and family until he died. We believe he is buried in the cemetery of the Old Dutch Reformed Church in Newtown (now known as Elmhurst, Long Island).

In 1696, a migration of Dutch people of New York and Long Island took place, with the people moving southward into and through New Jersey. The families dropped off here and there making their new homes. In this migration was the widow of Jacob and her eight children with their spouses and children. Some came as far south as Burlington, New Jersey, and in 1697, crossed the Delaware River, landing in Bristol, Bensalem Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They chose to settle a little further down river, and bought four farms from the original owner, by deed or grant from William Penn, whose name was Joseph Grawden, who received this title and a very large tract of land, encompassing 12,000 acres. The four farms adjoined each other, and were bordered on the East by the Delaware River, the town of Eddington, Bucks County,and the creek separating Bucks and Philadelphia Counties on the North. The combined acreage of the four farms was 757 acres, and the family chose the middle of the tract for its living settlement.

Rebecca Fredricksd Lubbertsen was christened on 15 Aug 1628 in Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands. Rebecca's father, Fredrick Lubbertsz was a large land owner in Breakeln (Brooklyn), New Amsterdam (New York). The earliest patents for grants of land in Breakeln N.A. made by Dutch Governor, Nicholis, at New Amsterdam, were to Thomas Bescher, November 23, 1639, and Frederick Lubbertsen, May 27, 1640.

  Jacob Leendertsz Vandergrift            
  Married: Rebecca Fredrickse
    Maritje Jacobse Vandergrift  
  Date: 19 July 1648
      Married: Cornelius Corssen
Date: 11 Mar 1666, NY
        Christine Jacobse Vandergrift  
          Married: Cornelis Jacose Sheppen
          Date: Sept 1678
          Married: Daniel Van Vos
Date: 20 Mar 1681
          Married: Daniel Jacobse De Haert
Date: 31 May 1693?
        Annetje (Anna) Jacobse Vandergrift  
          Married: Jacob Claeszen Groesbeck
Date: 26 Aug 1674
        Leendert Jacobse Vandergrift  
          Married: Christina (Styntje) Ellswaerts
Date: 3 Nov 1678
          Married: Christina Garretsen
Date: 6 Oct 1721
        Nicholas Jacobse Vandergrift  
          Married: Barentje Van Kirk (Verkerk)
Date: 24 Aug 1684
        Frederick Jacobse Vandergrift  
          Married: Williamtje Hendricksee Smith
Date: abt 1684
        Rebecca Jacobse Vandergrift      
        Rachel Jacobse Vandergrift  
          Married: Barendt Janse Van Kirk
          Date: abt 1689
        Johannes Jacobse Vandergrift  
          Married: Neeltje Volkers
Date: 23 Sept 1694
          Married: Elizabeth Snowden
Date: 1 Jul 1741