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Andrew Funkhouser Zink obituary
Andrew Funkhouser Zink obituary, 23 Feb 1916
Frances Jane Clinton Zink obituary
Frances Jane Clinton Zink obituary, 6 Mar 1930

Andrew Funkhouser Zink and granddaughter Lucille (daughter of Daniel Clinton Zink and Mabel McConnell Zink), circa 1913

 Frances Jane Clinton Zink

IT ALL STARTED with a tornado that came through St. Clair County, Missouri on Wednesday, April 19, 1916. This twister was headed in a northeast direction coming through southern Bates County and entering St. Clair between Rockville and Appleton City, and a physician from Appleton City named Dr. C.P. Bowden was killed when a gate swung open and hit him. It was reported that a wheat straw was driven through a fence post. The tornado continued through the Johnson City area and on east just north of Lowry City and southeast of Deepwater where it hit the Park Grove area and moved the Park Grove Christian Church halfway off its foundation. There was much damage to the whole area in the tornado's path. In those days a tornado was referred to as a cyclone.

My great grandfather, Andrew Funkhouser Zink, was born March 15, 1829, and later in life lived south of Appleton on the west side of the road going to Taberville, Mo., just across the road from what is known now as the Joe Bauer farm. Two of his sons were Daniel Clinton Zink , who was called Dee and was named after his grandfather Daniel Zink, and after his mother Frances Jane Zink whose maiden name was Clinton. The other son was my grandfather, Andrew Franklin Jackson Zink, who was called "Jack" and "Ajax." Jack was named after his father "Andy" and two famous Americans, Benjamin Franklin and President Andrew Jackson. Both of Andy's boys lived over at Johnson City about ten miles south and east of Appleton City. Johnson City had a few business buildings, a church called Church of God where my grandparents went to church, plus a phone exchange located on the northeast corner of the intersection. Uncle Dee owned a general store just north of the phone office. His brother, Jack, farmed a large rented farm located almost two miles directly west of Johnson City. Another brother, Uncle Ike Zink, later lived across the road from the Church of God in Johnson, so the Zink family was in Johnson City area for many years. Then came the Tornado of 1916 that was to change the fate of the Zink family forever.  

Andrew "Andy" Funkhouser Zink
Born: 15 Mar 1829, Edgar Co., Illinois
Died: 14 Sept 1916, Henry, Missouri (Henry Co., MO according to Wilbur Zink)
Interred: Fewel-Blevins Cemetery, White Oak Township, Henry County, Missouri

Mary E. Adams
Born: 1839
Died: 1859

Francis Jane Clinton
Born: 5 Feb 1852, Edgar County, IL
Died: 27 Feb 1930, Appleton City, MO
Interred: Fewel-Blevins Cemetery, White Oak Township, Henry County, MO

Francis was daughter of Thomas Clinton (Born abt 1825, Kentucky) and Sarah T. McClelland (Born abt 1822, Virginia)

  Andrew Funkhouser Zink            
  Married: Mary E. Adams
Date: 28 Apr 1857, Virginia
    Susan Rosanna Zink  
          Married: John Edwin Dixon
  Married: Francis Jane Clinton
Date: 22 Mar 1869, Missouri
        Sarah Lee Zink (twin)      
        Myrtle Zink (twin)      
        Isaac Thomas Zink  
          Married: Della Frances Younce
Date: 28 Dec 1898, Missouri
        Eva Gertrude Zink  
          Married: William Edwin Mathews
        Andrew Franklin Jackson Zink  
          Married: Lillie B. Pippenger
Date: 1898
        Daniel Clinton Zink  
          Married: Jenny Mabel McConnell
Date: 4 Mar 1911