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Daniel Zink
Born: 8 May 1767, Virginia
Died: 19 July 1841, Edgar County, IL

  Elizabeth "Betsy" Shelley
Died: 1817, IN

E. Shelley is the daughter of Abraham and Barbary Shelley. Elizabeth and Daniel were married by Reverend Jacob Zink.

  Jane Shields

Daniel married Jane in Monroe Co., IN. She lived a very short time and is said to have burst her bladder when she alighted a horse which she had ridden all day.

  Elizabeth Cline

Daniel went back to VA to marry E. Cline. They journeyed home to Edgar Co., IL in the winter of 1827-28.

  Margaret Stivers

Daniel's 4th marriage was to a woman that he met on a steamboat trip and it was of short duration. This elderly couple separated because of their age, each going to live with their respective children. Daniel and youngest son Andrew (born to E. Cline, 3rd wife) lived with his daughter, Susan Zimmerly.

  Daniel Zink            
  Married: Elizabeth "Betsy" Shelley
Date: 29 Oct 1791
    Barbara Ellen Zink  
  Abingdon, Washington Co., VA
      Married: Thomas Washington Seaton
Date: 15 July 1811, Jefferson Co., KY
        Peter Zink  
          Married: Betsy Brainer
Date: 18 June, 1814, Louisville, KY
        John Zink      
        Catherine Rosanna Zink  
          Married: John Perisho
Date: 15 Nov 1816, Washington Co., IN
        Emanuel Zink  
          Married: Delilah Wright
Date: 27 Sept 1827, Salem, IN
        Elizabeth Ann Zink  
          Married: Rev. John Clark Archer
Date: 19 July 1822, Monroe Co., IN
        Polly Zink      
        Susan Zink  
          Married: Isaac Zimmerly
Date: 8 Sept 1831, Edgar Co., IL
  Married: Jane Shields
Date: 27 May 1819
  Monroe County, IN                
  Married: Elizabeth Cline
Date: Winter 1827-1828
    Andrew Funkhouser Zink  
          Married: Mary E. Adams
Date: 28 Apr 1857, Edgar Co., IL
          Married: Francis Jane Clinton
Date: 22 Mar 1869, Henry, Co., MO
  Married: Margaret Stivers
Date: 20 Feb 1834
  Edgar Co., IL