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Rhoda Hedrich McConnell and Edward McConnell
Edward McConnell obituary, 22 Feb 2016
Rhoda McConnell obituary, Feb 1942
Daniel Clinton Zink
Dee Zink obituary
Jenny Mabel McConnell Zink Robinson
Jenny Mabel McConnell Robinson Funeral Program

Back: Bert, Lester, & Charley
Middle: Parents Rhoda Hedrich McConnell and Edward McConnell
Front: Russel, Grace, and Mabel

Jenny Mabel McConnell
Jenny Mabel McConnell

ƒ  Jack's brother, Dee, and his wife, Mabel McConnell Zink, and their daughter, Lucille, were living in Johnson City. Lucille was born July 28, 1911, in Chanute, Kansas, where Dee had been working at the railroad roundhouse. Dee and his brother-in-law, Bert McConnell, operated a grocery store for a while and then moved back to Missouri. Another daughter named Zelma Zelia Zink was to be born on September 22, 1917. Dee's father, Andy, and mother, Frances Jane (Granny) Zink, lived with them at this time. Andy had had a deterioration of his bone structure the last few years of his life and was now bedfast. He had many broken bones in his later years, and being unable to walk, he crawled out to his garden to work. Andy was born in Henry County, Missouri, southwest of Clinton and owned a section of land that he farmed. He co-signed a note for a good friend named Allen (my father was named after him), and then Allen lost everything, and Andy lost his section of land. He then moved to St. Clair County and had just enough money to buy a little rough, rocky farm near Tiffin, Missouri, where he lived a few years before moving closer to his sons in St. Clair County.

Uncle Dee had raised a crop of broomcorn to make enough money to open his general store in Johnson City. There was also another store there run by Chick Stout and his parents. Then the tornado came and blew out the front windows and other parts of the building, and all the merchandise was scattered all over the area. Dee and his wife, Mabel McConnell, and daughter, Lucille, were unhurt. He did not have insurance on his store, and it was a total loss to him. His sister, Eva Gertrude Zink Matthews, and her husband, Ed Matthews, took over what was left of the store and put it back into operation. Dee was out of business and began to think if he should rebuild or look for another business. He decided to buy a garage in Montrose and made a deposit on it, but then decided against that venture and lost the deposit. Dee heard that the two-year-old Ford dealership located in Appleton City was for sale. It had been opened in 1914 by Mr. J.A. Shuler, and was located in a brick building on Main Street just two doors west of the present dealership, which was later to house the Bill Abney Chevrolet dealership, followed by Darwin Piepmeier's Farmall dealership and presently the NAPA parts store.

Dee approached his brother Jack about being a partner and sharing in the purchase price of the agency. Dee had lost most of his finances in the tornado, but his wife, Mabel, had inherited an 80-acre farm from her father, and this was sold to raise funds. My grandfather, Jack, had had a good crop and agreed to go in business with Dee, but Dee would be the manager and Jack would be more of a silent partner and keep on farming. The purchase price was $10,000, and each one owned one-half. Jack loaned Dee enough to finish paying for Dee's half. They purchased the Ford dealdership, which was called "The Motor Inn," and they used that name for four years before changing it to Zink Motor Company.

Yes, a tornado started it all, as Zink Motor Co. would not have existed had it not been for the tornado of 1916.

Daniel Clinton Zink
Born: 15 Mar 1889 (or 12 Oct?), Henry County, Missouri
Died: 11 Dec 1918

Jenny Mabel McConnell
Born: 24 June 1888
Died: 21 Nov 1955, Butler, MO
Daughter of Edward McConnell (1850-1916) and Rhoda Hedrick (1849-1942)

  Daniel Clinton Zink            
  Married: Jenny Mabel McConnell
Date: 4 Mar 1911
    Lucille Zink  
Zelma and Lucille Zink

Zelma and Lucille Zink

      Zelma Zelia Zink  
        Married: Paul Kanavel Elliott
Date: 14 Nov 1936
        Married: Joseph Clinton Lundy
Date: 14 Nov 1936
        Married: Wilbur Young
Zink Motor Company, Appleton City, MO Zink Ford in Appleton City, MO