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Gottlieb was an immigrant, arriving in Philadelphia on 20 Oct, 1752. In 1783, Gottlieb is listed as owning 127 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle, and 4 sheep in Frederick Township, Philadelphia County, PA. He served in the Revolutionary War doing city guard duty in Philedelphia. After the war, he moved to Washington County, VA. His will written 21 Dec, 1802.

Gottlieb Zink
Born: 1730 or 1733
Died: before 21 Dec 1802, near Abingdon, Washington Co., VA
Arrived in Philadelphia, 20 Oct 1752

  Gottlieb Zink            
  Married: Catherine
    Peter Zink      
        Jacob Zink      
        Catherine Zink      
          Married: George Brock
        Elizabeth Zink      
          Married: _ Weaver
        Fronica Zink      
          Married: _ Rush
        Daniel Zink  
          Married: Elizabeth Cline
  Married: Rosanna