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Zelma Zelia ZinkBirth Certificate

1920 Census
Appleton City
St. Clair County, MO

Zelma Zelia Zink
Zelma Zelia ZinkAge 2
Zelma Zelia Zink
World's Fair 1939
Wilbur Young obituaries
Wilbur's obituaries

Bogue, KS

Zelma's funeral program

Zelma's obituary

Zelma's obituary

Zelma's headstone, Park Cemetery, Carthage, MO

Back: Clint, Zelma, and Lee
Front: Grandchildren Chad, Shara, Michael, and Adam

August 1989, standing: Dean and Barb Vandergriff, Jack and Sue Vandergriff, Lee Elliott, Adam and Laurie Vandergriff; seated: Zelma and Wilbur Young, on floor: Chad Vandergriff holding Spike, Amanda Cooley, and Nancy Elliott

Zelma Zelia Zink
Born: 22 Sept 1917, Appleton City, MO
Died: 7 May 2002, Carthage, MO
Interred: Park Cemetery, Carthage, MO
Zelma graduated from Appleton City High School and from the Kansas City
School of Business.

Joseph Clinton Lundy
Born: 5 Jan 1914, Vinita, OK
Died: 21 Sept 1977, Liberal, KS
Interred: Park Cemetery, Carthage, MO

Paul Kanavel Elliott
Born: 16 Jan 1901, Sedgwick, KS
Died: 13 Dec 1952, Merriam, KS

Wilbur Young
Born: 27 Oct 1916
Died: 3 Jan 1990
Interred: Bogue, KS

  Zelma Zelia Zink            
  Married: Paul Kanavel Elliott
Date: 14 Nov 1936, Kansas City, MO
    Arlen Lee Elliott      
      Married: Dian Sosoya
Date: 1963
        Married: Julie Wooldridge
Date: Date: 31 Dec 1966
        Married: Nancy Radford
      Sue Ann Elliott  
        Married: Jack DeWayne Vandergriff
Date: 23 Nov 1963
  Married: Joseph Clinton Lundy
Date: 7 Aug 1958, Miami, OK
Clint and Zelma Lundy with Dean Vandergriff
  Clint, Dean, and Zelma, 1965
Wilbur Young and Zelma Zink Elliott Lundy Young
Zelma married Wilbur Young, 1982
Wilbur Young

Wilbur, Zelma, Jack, Sue, and Lee, Summer 1989, Eureka Springs, AR